• Pastors need to be able to focus on their major roles of ministry
  • * The classic secretarial role is fading
  • * Church budgets are tight
  • * A virtual assistant position can be adjusted to meet the nontraditional schedule of a pastor
  • * You can hire virtual assistants for ongoing work or for fixed periods for special projects
  • * A virtual assistant takes stress off the pastor

Whether it is a data entry project, assistance with your website, transcribing audio or video files, writing letters, client communication, or a variety of other administrative support tasks, we are here to help you.


Many pastors, leaders, and staff today are spending a lot of time focusing on administrative tasks. These tasks are shifting their focus from the other major roles that need their attention. As a church leader, you’re tasked with the responsibility of shepherding God’s followers. This responsibility entails an entire list of daily tasks that can sometimes be taken for granted. Church budgets are also tighter than ever requiring ministries to do more with less. We can provide ministries with the same (or better) quality administrative-support, as would a traditional onsite employee.

YEAA offer a plethora of solutions to help you sustain and further grow your ministry and to meet your every need.